FTB trip escorts

(Please enquire which Fund representative will accompany you on your particular trip)

Since registering Free the Bears Fund is 1995 Mary Hutton has personally organized all the necessary equipment to be sent to Cambodia, Thailand and Laos from Western Australia to build sanctuaries and retreats for rescued bears in S.E. Asia whilst liaising with governments of these countries to establish good working relationships. Mary is extremely passionate and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the bears and is excited at the prospect of sharing her enthusiasm and experience with members of this journey. Mary has tirelessly organised the relocation of three Sun Bears to Taronga Zoo and three Sun Bears to Perth Zoo, all saved from the restaurant trade in Cambodia. Keeping a hands-on approach to the fund is very important and Mary has travelled to the countries where sanctuaries have been built to ensure they are being run on a high standard and the bears are cared for in the most professional way. Since 1995 Mary has worked for the fund on a completely voluntary basis.

Matt left the UK in the year 2000 after having worked in zoo’s and wildlife parks for more than 10 years. Pursuing his dream to help conserve the world’s wildlife, he came to South-east Asia and has spent the past 8 years developing wildlife rescue centres, training wildlife law enforcement teams and creating environmental education programmes to increase environmental awareness amongst local adults and children. Currently based “out of a suitcase” somewhere in Indochina, Matt oversees FTB’s field projects in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as well as partnerships in India, Indonesia and Thailand.