Our Objectives

The aim of Free the Bears fund is to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.

We seek to achieve this by:


·          Funding and facilitating conservation and rehabilitation projects


·          Preservation and reservation of areas of natural habitat with the aim of conserving bio-diversity


·          Encouraging harmonious and respectful animal-human relationships by facilitating profitable and sustainable alternatives to the illegal wildlife trade.


·          Empowering indigenous people and communities through training initiatives which enable indigenous communities to support themselves in a sustainable manner through responsible custodianship of the bear and its environment.


·          Providing information, fostering awareness, and facilitating education with regard to threats facing the global bear population


·          Providing international support and sponsorship for individuals involved with the preservation and conservation of bears


·          Supporting the instigation of new, the review of existing, and the enforcement of appropriate, wildlife legislation to prevent extortion of rare and endangered species as a result of the illegal wildlife trade


·          Funding and creation of new sanctuaries as required and continual maintenance of existing bear sanctuaries and the physical and mental wellbeing of their occupants